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When an article or image is exceptional, it can be nominated to be featured on the main page and given a special badge. This is the policy regarding those.

Good pages

WS Training Medal Bronze.png
The image that denotes Good pages.

Before being considered for being featured, a page must be "{{good}}". Only Moderators or above can mark pages as good. Images may not be marked good, as all images that follow the file standards are good, and should be fixed otherwise.

Good criteria for articles

  • No major missing info
  • No improvement templates (stub, construction, image, etc.)
  • Categorized properly
  • Has at least one image

Featured pages and images

Pages and images can be {{featured}} if they meet these criteria (note that audio cannot be featured):

Article criteria

  • Good
  • Not a disambiguation page
  • Not a subpage
  • Has a long enough opening abstract, preferably at least two paragraphs

Image criteria

  • No significant distortion
  • No improvement templates
  • Has source and documentation (when applicable)
  • Properly licensed
  • Properly categorized
  • Not a personal image
  • At least 400x200 pixels


An article can be nominated and voted on by any registered user. Voting lasts two weeks, and an article or image will become featured if it has a simple majority (more than 50%) of the votes supporting it. If a vote fails, then one week must pass before that article or image can be nominated again. An administrator can veto the nomination at any time if it falls short of these criteria, which counts as the vote failing.

Immediate featuring

An administrator can instantly feature any article or image so long as they have justification for it and it meets all the criteria.