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WSR Canoeing Speed Challenge Menu Icon.png
WSR Canoeing VS Menu Icon.png
Icon for Canoeing in Wii Sports Resort
First game Wii Sports Resort
Number of players 1-4 simultaneous (Speed Challenge), 2-4 simultaneous (VS)
Peripherals needed None
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Canoeing is a sport that first appeared in Wii Sports Resort. It supports a Speed Challenge alongside a VS match.


Players hold a Wii Remote vertically and swing it down to paddle a canoe. The players turn the canoe in the opposite direction as their rowing.

Speed Challenge

In Speed Challenge, players are in the same canoe and cooperate to get the best time possible. The distance increases whenever the player passes each stage.

Difficulty Distance Time
Beginner 200 yd 60 seconds
Intermediate 300 yd 80 seconds
Expert 400 yd 100 seconds


In VS, players race to see who can canoe through five tapes first. Players can be in separate canoes in a free-for all or they can split into two teams.

Practice Mode

In practice mode, the player can help the mother duck to find her 10 babies wandering around the lake.