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For an article to be featured, it must be {{good}} (look for a bronze medal in the upper-right), not be a disambiguation or subpage, and have a long enough opening abstract, preferably (but not required to be) two paragraphs. To nominate an article, put {{FA Nomination|[two weeks from current date]}} on the page and add the following to this page under Current Nominations:

==[[Article title]] ([Current date] - [2 weeks from current date])==
[Reasoning for nomination] ~~~~


Voting regulations

Voting regulations  
  1. Only registered users can vote.
  2. All votes must be numbered with #, have a reason, and be signed with ~~~~.
  3. An article will automatically pass featuring if it has five more valid support votes than opposition votes.
  4. An article will autmatically fail featuring if it has three more valid opposition votes than support votes.
  5. At the end of the nomination period, the article will:
    1. Pass featuring if it has more support than opposition.
    2. Have the nomination extended by one week if it is tied.
    3. Fail featuring if it has more oposition than support.
  6. The initial nomination counts as a support vote.

Current Nominations

None currently


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