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MiiWiki:Dispute policy

This section is a draft of a mainspace page.
As such, feel free to work on it like you would any other page

Occasionally users on a wiki will disagree on how to best cover something. If two or more users are undoing each other's edits (commonly known as an edit war) and neither is vandalizing the page, then it is a dispute. Disputes should be handled through the following steps as necessary:

  1. {{Dispute}} should be added to the page or section to indicate that the part of it being disputed should not be edited. It should also be protected by an administrator if the entire page is being disputed.
  2. The editors disputing should explain their reasons for their edits on the talk page
  3. If this fails to solve the issue, a vote should be held on the talk page
  4. If the vote ends in a tie, then an administrator should settle the dispute

After a dispute is settled, the section that was disputed should not be edited for at least 2 weeks.


This section is a draft of a mainspace page.
As such, feel free to work on it like you would any other page

The User: namespace (commonly known as Userspace) is a part of the wiki where users can tell other users about themselves and draft pages that aren't ready for mainspace.

How to edit userspace

Userspace is identical to other sections of the wiki (except for user css and js pages) in terms of how it is edited. To access it, click a user's name in a talk page signature, in Special:RecentChanges, or in pages' histories. If the page starts with User: then it is their userpage, if it starts with User talk: then it is their user talk page. Userpages should not be edited by other users unless the user gives permission or there is a link to something that doesn't exist and has no need to exist (such as a file that has been moved). User talk pages can be edited under normal talk page rules.

Uses for userspace

  • Putting information about yourself on your main user page only (i.e. no / in the page title) (For example, userboxes)
  • Drafting pages that aren't ready for mainspace yet (typically on a subpage, with a / after the user's name).
  • Contacting other users about wiki matters on their user talk page (See Help:Talk pages#Messages concerning other users)
  • Custom user Cascading Style Sheets or JavaScript pages
    • User:Username/[skinname].css for custom CSS or User:Username/[skinname].js for custom JS
    • [skinname] is the name of the skin selected in Special:Preferences. To apply something to all skins, use Common

What userspace should not be used for

  • Socialization on non-wiki matters (see our social media channels for that)
  • Editing userspace excessively (the rest of the wiki should be a priority)

Help:Custom signatures

This section is a draft of a mainspace page.
As such, feel free to work on it like you would any other page

Custom signatures are a way of identifying a user's talk page messages besides simple text, and can be modified in any way text can. Small images are also allowed.

How to make and use custom signatures

To make a basic custom signature:

  1. Go to Special:MyPage/sig
  2. Copy-paste [[User:Example|Example]] ([[User talk:Example|talk]]), replacing Example with your username, then make modifications as desired.
  3. Go to Special:Preferences, scroll to the signature section, and paste {{User:Example/sig}}, replacing Example with your username, then check the treat signature as wikitext box on.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and hit save. Signing comments with ~~~~ now uses your custom signature.

Guidelines for custom signautures

  • Your signature needs to identify who you are.
  • Text should contrast the page background enough to be legible.
  • Don't make the text massive or too small to read.
  • Be sure to link to your userpage and user talk page.
  • Don't make signatures exessively long.
  • No line breaks.
  • Be sure to put closing tags on any formatting.
  • No more than two images, and images must be 24px high or shorter and inline. ([[File:Filename.ext|x24px]])