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# Entries in this list will be used as part of a regular expression when
# blacklisting usernames from registration. Each item should be part of
# a bulleted list, e.g.
# * Foo
# * [Bb]ar
# Put requests for new items on the talk page before implementing them.
# Try to be specific to avoid the Scunthorpe Problem (look it up on wp).
# Edit this page to view the blacklist


\? <newaccountonly> \+ <newaccountonly> % <newaccountonly> & <newaccountonly> [Ff] ?[Uu] ?[Cc] ?[Kk] <newaccountonly> [卍卐]|n ?a ?z ?i <newaccountonly> @ <newaccountonly> \. [Cc] + ?[Oo] + ?[Mm] <newaccountonly> [Ss] ?[Uu] ?([Cc] ?[Kk]|[Xx]).*[Cc] ?[Oo] ?[Cc] ?[Kk] <newaccountonly> [Mm]+ ?[Rr]+ ?[Ss]+ ?[Uu] ?[Ee] <newaccountonly> b ?i ?t ?c ?h <newaccountonly> a ?s ?s ?h ?o ?l ?e <newaccountonly> v ?a ?g ?i ?n ?a <newaccountonly> c ?l ?i ?t ?o ?r ?i ?s <newaccountonly> \b[kc] ?u ?n ?t\b <newaccountonly> [Ss] ?[Hh] ?[Ii] ?[Tt] <newaccountonly> R ?y ?a ?n ?(s ?)?(i ?s ?a ?)?s ?t ?u ?p ?i ?d <newaccountonly> A ?r ?r ?o ?w ?i ?s ?a <newaccountonly> [Bb] ?[Aa] ?[Ss] ?[Tt] ?[Aa] ?[Rr] ?[Dd] ? <newaccountonly> \br ?a ?p ?(e|i ?n ?g)\b <newaccountonly> ( +)|\t <newaccountonly>

.*[\x{00A0}\x{1680}\x{180E}\x{2000}-\x{200B}\x{2028}\x{2029}\x{202F}\x{205F}\x{3000}].*  # Non-breaking and other unusual spaces
.*[\x{202A}-\x{202E}].* <casesensitive> # BiDi overrides
.*\p{Cc}.* <casesensitive> # Control characters
.*\x{FEFF}.* <casesensitive> # Byte order mark
.*[卍卐࿕࿖࿗࿘☭☠🖕].* <casesensitive> # Swastikas, hammer-and-sickle, skull-and-crossbones, middle finger
.*\x{00AD}.* <casesensitive> # Soft-hyphen
.*[^\0-\x{FFFF}].* <casesensitive> # Very few characters outside the Basic Multilingual Plane are useful in titles
.*[\x{2400}-\x{2426}].* <casesensitive> # Graphic pictures for control codes