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MiiWiki is a wiki about Miis, the avatars created by Nintendo. Our primary coverage is on games that focus on Miis such as the Tomodachi and Wii series. We also cover games that have Miis as playable characters, but are part of non-Mii franchises. We strive to be the best resource regarding Miis, but due to the open-source nature of wikis, there may be inaccurate information. However, it also means that anyone, including you, can make an account and help out. For current projects, see MiiWiki:To-do.


MiiWiki was first founded in early 2021 by Kirb as an offline wiki. It was made public on Miraheze in late July 2021, then moved to its current domain as part of Grifkuba in mid-August 2021. It then changed webhosts to System Theta in late October 2022.