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This article is about personal images and audio. For other personal things on the wiki, see Help:Userspace.

Personal content is allowed on MiiWiki in order for users to express themselves on their userpages (files uploaded for drafts of mainspace pages do not count as personal files). However, as the wiki's primary purpose is to be a factual resource and not a social network, there are limits on personal files.

Uploading personal files

Personal files can be uploaded at Special:Upload like any other file (see Help:Files, although do note that personal files do not need to meet all of the guidelines listed there). However, unlike other files, they have special parameters on {{Aboutfile}}:

  • |type=user indicates that it is a personal file
  • |user=[username] indicates which user it is the file of (replace [username] with your username)

Guidelines for personal files

Personal files must still be properly sourced, be of a supported filetype, and be fair use, freely licensed, or public domain. Other than that, personal files don't have any content restrictions, although a single user cannot have more than five personal files.