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Welcome to MiiWiki's proposals page! This is where users can make proposals to change policy or other things about the wiki. Any registered user can make or vote on a proposal.

Proposal procedure

Proposal format

__NOTOC__ <!--Move this out of the pre tag when this becomes an actual thing -->
==[Proposal title] ([Current date] - [2 weeks from current date])==
[Details of proposal] ~~~~
===Support/Option 1===
===Oppose/Option 2===
===Option 3+ (if needed)===

Proposal guidelines
Rules on proposals
  1. No proposals violating the law
  2. No proposals targeting specific users
  3. No proposals that try to overturn the decision of a proposal less than four weeks old
  4. Administrators+ can veto proposals at any time, but must provide a reason
  5. If the proposal includes multiple options (not just support/oppose), there must be a "no change" option
  6. Proposals regarding individual pages should not be held here, with discussion of them taking place on that article's talk page instead.
Voting procedure
  1. All votes must be numbered using #, signed with ~~~~, and have a substained reason. Agreeing with another user counts as a substained reason.
  2. Whichever option has the most votes after voting ends wins
  3. You can change your vote at any time by putting strikethrough around your old vote (Use <s> and </s>)
  4. A proposal must have at least 3 users vote on it to be considered.
  5. If a proposal has 3 or more options, you can vote on more than one option (but not all of them), with each vote having equal weight.