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The User: namespace (commonly known as Userspace) is a part of the wiki where users can tell other users about themselves and draft pages that aren't ready for mainspace.

How to edit userspace

Userspace is identical to other sections of the wiki (except for user css and js pages) in terms of how it is edited. To access it, click a user's name in a talk page signature, in Special:RecentChanges, or in pages' histories. If the page starts with User: then it is their userpage, if it starts with User talk: then it is their user talk page. Userpages should not be edited by other users unless the user gives permission or there is a link to something that doesn't exist and has no need to exist (such as a file that has been moved). User talk pages can be edited under normal talk page rules.

Uses for userspace

  • Putting information about yourself on your main user page only (i.e. no / in the page title) (For example, userboxes)
  • Drafting pages that aren't ready for mainspace yet (typically on a subpage in the form User:Username/Sandbox, User:Username/draft name, or User:Username/Sandbox/draft name).
  • Contacting other users about wiki matters on their user talk page (See Help:Talk pages#Messages concerning other users)
  • Custom user Cascading Style Sheets or JavaScript pages
    • User:Username/[skinname].css for custom CSS or User:Username/[skinname].js for custom JS
    • [skinname] is the name of the skin selected in Special:Preferences. To apply something to all skins, use Common

What userspace should not be used for

  • Socialization on non-wiki matters (see our social media channels for that)
  • Editing your userpage excessively (the rest of the wiki should be a priority)