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MiiWiki is a place for covering all things officially related to Miis in an encyclopedic manner, and as such, is not the place for theories, fanart, etc., and any other discussion that is not beneficial to the wiki as a factual encyclopedic resource. However, we do have accounts and groups on social media for this purpose.


MiiWiki has a Discord server owned by Kirb, and in addition to being used for discussion of wiki matters, it also has a live recent changes and channels for chatting and sharing created Miis. It also has a voice channel. You can join by clicking here. A free discord account is required to join. The discord staff is the same as the wiki staff, and there are also roles for wiki support members and users with wiki accounts.

Discord rules 
  1. No foul language.
  2. Do not post anything NSFW
  3. Be respectful and kind towards other members.
  4. Don't spam or post in the wrong channel.
  5. If a staff member, especially admin+, tells you to do something, do it.
  6. If you have any issues with staff, please DM kirb about it.
  7. Don't ask for staff roles, those are reserved for wiki staff.
  8. Please keep politics and other sensitive issues to a minimum.
  9. If you want to post a Discord server invite link here, please get an admin's permission first.
  10. Please don't discuss or complain about bans from other places.


MiiWiki has a currently unused Instagram account owned by Kirb.