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Naming an article is important, as it is what shows up at the top of the page and in search results. These are the guidelines for naming pages.

Basic naming

Titles should match the source material as much is allowable within MediaWiki limitations. Special characters can be used in page names (with a few exceptions, such as #), although redirects without special characters should be made (for mainspace pages only) for ease of searching. Also, special characters should be avoided whenever possible in names of files.


If there are multiple articles with identical titles, descriptive words in parentheses should be used to differentiate them. If they are of equal importance, they both get qualifiers and the non-qualifier link is a disambiguation. If one is more important than the other, it gets the title without qualifiers.


More descriptive names and newer names are typically preferred over less descriptive and older names. For name sources, use the following list, numbered by priority.

  1. In-game names.
  2. Sources published by the developer or publisher of the game (guides, websites, etc.).
  3. Third-party officially licensed sources.
  4. Names from sources in non-English languages. If the developer/publisher is based in a country whose native language is not English, that language takes priority over other non-English languages. These should be marked with {{ForeignTitle}}.
  5. Game data filenames, which should be marked with {{Internal title}}.
  6. Fan names, which should be marked with {{Conjectural title}}.

Other names that are in one of the first five categories but are not the primary title should be made into redirects.


See Help:Files#Naming