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MiiWiki aims to get content in order to be a good resource. However, content that is not helpful to MiiWiki as a resource will need to be deleted.

Marking pages for deletion

Pages that should be deleted should be marked with {{Delete|Reason}}. This adds a notice to the page and puts it in Category:To be deleted. If the page isn't one that needs to be deleted immediately, then the editor adding the deletion notice should also start a talk page discussion regarding it. They should also make sure to orphan the page first (Special:Whatlinkshere should display no pages).

Content that should be deleted

  • Unnecessary redirects
    • File/Template/Talk redirects
    • Userspace redirects (unless it is a subpage of a non-redirect page or it was created from a renaming)
    • Redirects with qualifiers
    • Redirects using fan names
    • Typo redirects
  • Duplicate files
  • Outside scope
  • Anything that is not fair use, freely licensed, or public domain
  • Personal files if a single user has more than 5 (the user should be contacted first and asked which one should be deleted)