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References are used to cite sources besides games in articles (such as developer interviews, websites, instruction manuals, etc.). References appear in text as footnotes.(Like this, but as a linked number) The full reference shows up at the bottom of the page. References go immediately after the text being cited. References always go after punctuation. References do not need to be added for in-game information unless it is disputed.

Adding a reference

A reference is added in text using <ref>Text to be referenced</ref>. For websites, a link and the title of that page usually suffices. For quotes, use {{Cite}}. Otherwise, there is no real standard.

Reusing references

To reuse references, put <ref name="reference name">Reference content</ref> for the first instance and then <ref name="reference name"/> for subsequent uses. All references that use the same content like this will use the same footnote number.

To call all references at the end of an article, add {{References}} below everything except navboxes.

Asking for references

If a questionable statement without a source is found in an article, {{fact}} should be added to where the reference should be. If an editor is adding a fact from a game that they aren't a hundred percent sure is accurate to what they remember, they should add {{Verify}}.