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This page aims to hold basic versions of policies not yet created, and link to those which have been created.


Main article: MiiWiki:Archive

There are no archives yet as there is nothing old enough to be archived.

Image and filename standards

Main article: Help:Files

Audio standards

Main article: MiiWiki:Audio standards

Music that has not been given out for free by Nintendo must be clipped to 30 seconds or shorter and be high quality. Non-free music must also be legally obtained and ripped.

Deletion policy

Main article: MiiWiki:Deletion policy

Pages, audio, or images that are not useful should be deleted. If it is low-quality, try to recapture it if it is a screenshot or find a better version if it is not.

Dispute policy

Main article: MiiWiki:Dispute policy

If two or more editors cannot agree on a part of an article, hold a vote on the talk page. If a clear outcome cannot be decided, a staff member will decide. If a staff member is involved with the dispute, a higher-ranking staff member will decide.

Featured content policy

Main article: MiiWiki:Featured content policy

Featured content is the best content we have, and is given a badge and put on the main page to show this. This policy also covers the {{Good}} system, a prerequisite for featurement.

Personal content policy

Main article: MiiWiki:Personal content policy

Editors are allowed 5 articles of personal content, whether audio or image (no videos please). Staff members may request more if they so desire.


MiiWiki is currently affiliated with sites mentioned here. A goal of this wiki is to join NIWA, although this goal will take time and effort.

Text replaces

All text replaces are to be run from the Text replace bot's account. All admins are given login credentials for it.


Main article: MiiWiki:Coverage policy


All promotions to moderator/administrator are given out by Bureaucrats. Admins may give out Autopatrol to users whom they feel deserve it.


For other policies (along with help), see the following navbox: