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These are short descriptions of the ranks of MiiWiki editors. All ranks have all of the permissions of the below ranks.

Non-staff ranks

These are editors who are not on the staff team and should not be approached for important wiki matters.


Trusted users who bypass moderation. They have a green logo on their pages. For a full list of autopatrol users, see category:Autopatrol users.


These users provide various technical support to the wiki. Note that support staff activity is more than just editing the wiki.

User Support role Status
Ampera Webhost and server maintenance Active
Soveia Webhost and server maintenance Active
Lakelimbo CSS and design Active

Staff ranks

These are members of the staff team and should be approached for disputes, policy, and questions.


Moderators are very trusted users responsible for moderating incoming edits and generally making sure wiki writing is of good quality. They can also edit some protected pages, patrol edits, and mass revert edits. They have a red logo on their pages.

User Status
Kirbo kirbstar Active


Administrators are highly trusted users who have certain special abilities such as delete files/pages, block users, protect pages/files, and edit fully protected pages/files. They have a purple logo on their pages.

User Status
PinkYoshiFan Active
Trig Jegman Active


Bureaucrats are the head(s) of the wiki. They are admins who also have the ability to rename users, assign and modify user rights, and change policy. They have a blue logo on their pages.

User Status
Kirb Active

Former staff

User Former role Status
Tacopill Support (operator of former webhost). No longer webhost