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Disambiguation pages (sometimes referred to as just "disambigs") are pages that only differentiate between two or more items with identical names. They have this notice at the top of them. Generally speaking, they should not be directly linked to in artice body text. If an article is part of a disambiguation, the disambiguation page should be linked at the top of the article using {{About}}.

Reasons to make a disambiguation page

A disambiguaion page should be made if one of the following criteria is met:

  • Two or more articles have the same name and are differentiated with parentheses in the article title. (For example, Princess (job) and Princess (character) have Princess as a disambiguation.)
    • If one of the subjects is objectively more important than the other, then that article should have no parentheses and the disambiguation page should have (disambiguation) in the title.
  • Two or more articles cover two separate entities that are grouped in-game, but a full article cannot be made on the group as a whole. (For example, the Prickly Husband and Prickly Wife are referred to together as Prickly Couple in game.)
  • Three or more articles cover entities with similar names.

How to make a disambiguation page

A disambiguation page should have {{Disambig}} at the top and then follow one of these formats:

  1. A sentence that says [Disambiguation page title] can refer to X, Y, or Z.
  2. [Disambiguation page title] can refer to any of the following: followed by a bulleted list where each bullet follows the format [Page in disambiguation] - Short description