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MT Princess job artwork.png
Artwork of a Princess Mii
Refined. Charming. Elegant. Friend and foe alike shall bow to such majesty.
— Miitopia description
This article is about the job. For the character, see Princess (character).

The Princess job is a support-based job in Miitopia. Its basic attack is single-target. It is one of the three jobs unlocked in Realm of The Fey.


Princess stats in Miitopia  
Stat Minimum Maximum
HP 11 221
MP 9 151
Attack* 6 65
Defense* 4 62
Magic* 6 149
Speed 90 189
All stats can be increased by 99 using Grub.
*can be increased with equipment


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Princess skills in Miitopia  
Skill name Level learned MP cost In-game description Effect Image
Regal Dance 2 4 Teach enemies a splendid dance. If they join in, they lose a turn. 70% chance to make each enemy lose a turn Needed.png
Royal Wave 3 6 Slice an enemy in twain with a quick gust of air. (magic) Single-target magic attack Needed.png
Escort 6 0 Be swept out of harm's way by one's friend. (auto) 20% chance to make the Princess (and a random party member) invincible for a turn Needed.png
High Tea 10 0 Restore you and your friend's MP in a moment of peace and quiet. (magic) Restores MP of the Princess and a party member Needed.png
Blindfold 13 8 Pretend not to notice enemy attacks that cause status effects. (auto) 50% chance to make a party member immune to a status effect Needed.png
Double Royal Wave 17 20 Slice an enemy with not one, but two gusts of air. (magic) Twice-hitting magic attack. Can hit same enemy twice or two enemies once. Needed.png
Eau de Colonge 20 12 Release a bewitching perfume that might make enemies absentminded. 70% chance to give each enemy the distracted status effect Needed.png
Ultimate Royal Wave 30 35 Blast a superlative slipstream of air that cuts through all enemies. (magic) All target magic attack Needed.png