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This beauteous immortal flourishes the forces of darkness with flair.
— Miitopia description
Making a Mii a vampire

The Vampire is a secret job in Miitopia. It is unlocked with the Bat Charm. Its basic attack is all-target.


Vampire stats in Miitopia  
Stat Minimum Maximum
HP 13 325
MP 8 131
Attack* 8 86
Defense* 5 87
Magic* 7 185
Speed 5 50
All stats can be increased by 99 using Grub.
*can be increased with equipment


Vampire skills in Miitopia  
Name Level learned MP cost In-game description Effect Image
Curse 7 0 Enemies suffer when they try to hurt you. (auto) Always automatically damages enemies that make contact with the Mii based on how much damage they do, ignoring all stats besides HP MT Curse title.jpg
Revive 10 1 Sometimes get back up after having fallen in battle. (auto) Uses a turn to automatically revive themselves MT Revive title.jpg
Poison Mist 13 10 Emit a noxious cloud of poison that damages all enemies. All target physical attack MT Poison Mist title.jpg
Bite 17 1 Sink your fangs into an enemy and absorb HP from them. Single-target attack that restores the vampire's HP based on the amount of damage done MT Bite title.jpg
Chill Mist 21 20 Freeze all enemies with a breath of ice-cold air. All-target physical attack MT Chill Mist title.jpg
Enthrall 25 15 Bestow vampiric powers on a friend so they can revive at random. Lets another party member perform the revive skill once, regardless of their job MT Enthrall title.jpg
Bat Tornado 29 20 Summon a colony of bats to swarm around and hurt an enemy. Attack that uses the user's magic for attack power but hits targets physically MT Bat Tornado title.jpg
Scorching Breath 33 35 Damage all enemies with a fearsome blast of fiery breath. All-target physical attack MT Scorching Breath title.jpg

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヴァンパイア