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MT Imp artwork.png
Artwork of a Imp Mii
Ever the cause of mischief and mayhem, but cute enough to get away with it.
— Miitopia job description

The Imp is a Job in Miitopia. It is one of the 3 jobs unlocked in Neksdor. Its basic attack is single-target.


Job stats in Miitopia  
Stat Minimum Maximum
HP 12 297
MP 5 88
Attack* 5 58
Defense* 7 180
Magic* 6 91
Speed 5 54
All stats can be increased by 99 using Grub.
*can be increased with equipment


Job skills in Miitopia  
Skill name Level learned MP cost In-game description Effect Image
Naughty Pitchfork 2 4 Skewer an enemy with a fork formed of darkness. (magic) Attacks one enemy Needed.png
Butt Jab 3 3 Gently prod a friend and get them to attack an enemy in your place. Makes an ally use their basic attack with 1.3x power Needed.png
Sweet Whispers 6 7 Tell an enemy a little white lie to distract it. Gives an enemy the distracted status effect Needed.png
Brain Drain 10 0 Draw mental energy from an enemy and transform it into MP. Restores MP based on target's Magic stat Needed.png
Energy Drain 11 12 Drain an enemy's life energy and transform it into HP. (magic) Deals damage and restores the user's HP Needed.png
Charm 15 10 Tinker with a friend's emotions and rouse them to action. Restores an ally's MP and gives them the excite status effect Needed.png
Punishing Pitchfork 18 12 Skewer an enemy plus the two next to it with forks of darkness. (magic) Attacks three enemies Needed.png
Demonic Whisper 23 20 Try to drag enemies into the depths. If you're lucky, they'll simply vanish. 20% chance to instantly kill each monster Needed.png
Wicked Pitchforks 31 35 Skewer all enemies with forks of darkness. (magic) Hits random enemies multiple times Needed.png