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MT Chef artwork.png
Artwork of the Chef in Miitopia.
Cooks up cures and stirs up trouble in equal parts with a trusty frying pan.
— In-game description

The Chef is a physical support job in Miitopia. Its basic attack is single-target.


Job stats in Miitopia  
Stat Minimum Maximum
HP 9 232
MP 7 125
Attack* 8 94
Defense* 5 83
Magic 3 84
Speed 5 54
All stats can be increased by 99 using Grub.
*can be increased with equipment


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Job skills in Miitopia  
Skill name Level learned MP cost In-game description Effect Image
Home Cooking 2 3 Restore a friend's HP with some freshly made cooking. Single-target heal Needed.png
Flambé 4 4 Smack one enemy senseless with a red-hot frying pan. A single-target attack. Can trigger Assists that only activate for the basic attack. Needed.png
Banana Fritter 6 none Improves the flavor and effect of an HP Banana when eaten. (auto) Automatically improves an HP Banana when eaten by any party member. Boosts friendship. Needed.png
Spicy Dish 8 3 Feed spicy food to a friend, making them breathe fire on the enemy. Makes an ally breathe fire. May cause resentment. Needed.png
Feast 12 18 Restore the party's HP with plenty of food. Takes time to prepare. Restores the entire party's HP. Always goes last. Needed.png
Pro Cooking 15 12 Restore a lot of HP to a friend with a specially made meal. Single-target heal. Needed.png
Spicy Dinner 20 10 Feed spicy food to the whole party, engulfing all enemies in a flame. Makes every party member breathe fire on one monster. May increase resentment with one party member. Needed.png
Maestro Cooking 25 20 Greatly restore friend's HP using only the finest of ingredients. Single-target heal Needed.png
Monster Dinner 30 25 Make a meal out of an enemy… literally! Doesn't always work. One-hit KOs a monster and causes it to always drop grub. Does not work on bosses. Needed.png


  • The Chef is the only job whose weapon increases defense.