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Sprinkles are items in Miitopia that provide various beneficial effects. They can be used at any time during combat or exploration. HP and MP sprinkles are upgraded automatically by saving faces.

Types of Sprinkles

Type Unlocked Effect
HP Sprinkles (yellow) A Mii is at low HP Restores HP
MP Sprinkles (green) A Mii is at low MP Restores MP
Life Sprinkles (pink) A Mii is KOed Revives a KOed party member with full HP
Hyper Sprinkles (purple) Start the Cerberus battle Gives the Hyper status effect.
Shield Sprinkles (blue) A Mii is targeted by red crosshairs Gives a single-use shield that negates all damage. Overrides Mage's Barrier and Elf's Forest Aegis.

Upgrade criteria for HP and MP sprinkles

For HP Sprinkles, every 50 faces until 2,500 saved upgrades them.

  • For 400 or less faces, 5 are gained.
  • For 400 to 2,500 faces, 20 are gained.
  • At 2,500 faces, 199 are gained.

For MP Sprinkles, every 100 faces until 2,500 faces saved upgrades them.

  • For 500 or less faces, 5 are gained.
  • For 500 to 2,500, 20 are gained.
  • At 2,500 faces, 100 are gained.