Realm of the Fey

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The Realm of the Fey is the third area in Miitopia. It is a large forest with unusually large flora and a lake.


Realm of the Fey west and the entrance to Citrus Cave.

Realm of the Fey

A large area with massive plant life spanning a large amount of the region. It is divided into east and west, with the west side connecting to Neksdor and the east side connecting to Karkaton.

Citrus cave

A large cave filled with orange liquid.

Bigg forest

Realm of the Fey east, Bigg Forest, and the entrance to Lotus Lake.

A large forest.

Lotus Lake

A lake filled with lotuses.

Hub areas

Elven Retreat

A town consisting of elves in which the houses appear to be made of plants. It contains the following NPCs:

Map NPCs

The following NPCs appear on the map: