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A Chef in the Safe Spot next to a Cool Mii that has dodged.
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The Safe Spot is a battle mechanic in Miitopia. It can be used at any time after being unlocked by a Mii being given a status effect by an enemy. It restores HP and MP, removes most status effects, and makes the Mii in it invincible, but it also wastes their turn. Only one Mii can be in the Safe Spot at once, and the Mii in the Safe Spot cannot be the only conscious non-guest Mii. Its effectiveness can be increased by the Get Well Soon Assist and Snuggle Up Horse assist.

Upgrade thresholds

  • 300 faces saved
  • 550 faces saved
  • Every 200 faces from 550 faces to 1,750 faces
  • Every 250 faces from 1,750 faces to 2,500 faces