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Harnesses the power of nature to brighten up everyone's day.
— Miitopia description
MT Flower artwork.png
Artwork of a Flower Mii

The Flower is a support-based job in Miitopia. Its basic attack is all-target. It is one of the three jobs unlocked in Realm of The Fey.


Job stats in Miitopia  
Stat Minimum Maximum
HP 14 306
MP 10 172
Attack 5 52
Defense 5 79
Magic 3 88
Speed 5 51
All stats can be increased by 99 using Grub.
*can be increased with equipment


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Job skills in Miitopia  
Skill name Level learned MP cost In-game description Effect Image
Gentle Fragrance 3 4 Restore a friend's HP with a floral aroma. (Magic) Restores a party member's HP Needed.png
Life Dew 4 8 Get a fallen friend to wake up and smell the flowers. (Magic) 50% chance of reviving a KOed Mii Needed.png
Bluster 6 6 Buffet an enemy with a strong wind. (Magic) Single-target magic attack Needed.png
Sweet Fragrance 9 6 Use the life force of flowers to greatly restore a friend's HP. (Magic) Stronger version of Gentle Fragrance Needed.png
Restoring Whistle 11 12 Bring confused friends back to their senses with a whistle call. (Magic) Removes certain status effects from all party members Needed.png
Flower Bed 15 15 Fill the party with nature's energy, restoring everyone's HP. (Magic) Wole-party heal Needed.png
Flower Power 20 12 Channel the forces of nature into a friend, turning them wild. Gives another Mii the angry status effect Needed.png
Mega Flower Bed 25 23 Cradle everyone in a bed of flowers, greatly restoring HP for all. (Magic) Stronger version of Flower Bed Needed.png
Hurricane 32 32 Blast all enemies head-on with gale-force winds. (Magic) All-target magic attack Needed.png