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The inside of an Inn

Inns are buildings located in various places around Miitopia. They serve as checkpoints as well as places for Miis to restore HP and MP. There is an Inn at the end of every path, except those leading up to final Bosses, even if there is no reason for the Inn to be there. The scenery outside the windows, background when picking a room, and room layout/decorations all vary depending on the region it is in. They contain 5 rooms that hold two Miis each, plus a stable that holds the horse and one Mii in the Switch version. The Inn can only hold 10 Miis at a time. While in the Inn, Miis may want to see other Miis (represented by a thought bubble) or talk to their roomate (represented by three dots). In addition, the player can give Miis Gold to spend, have them Eat Grub, play at the Arcade, or, in the Nintendo Switch port, go on Outings.

Inn events

There are multiple events that can occur while at an Inn. When entering an Inn, a Mii will sometimes think to themselves about visiting another Mii's room. This displays as a thought bubble containing the wanted Mii's face. The horse will ask to be visited too, but it will not start a cutscene. Once the Mii is placed with their desired visitor/visiting, or were already in the same room, a speech bubble will display and start a cutscene when selected. These events will increase Relationship with the two Miis, but can occasionally cause resentment with a third Mii if one of the two have a similar Relationship level with them.

Sick Miis

A Mii can occasionally become sick after the party returns to an Inn. A sick Mii lies in a bed and is incapable of being in the party, going on Outings, or participating in any Inn events besides another Mii caring for them. Miis can be cured of sickness by having their Relationship increase with another Mii, having the party collect enough EXP, or engaging the Darkest Lord. Miis can only start getting sick after beating the Dark Lord, and the hero can only get sick after beating the Darkest Lord.


A Mii will occasionally give a gift to the other Mii in their room. The event has a range of effects, like starting a quarrel, but the usual reaction just increases the two Miis' Relationship.



  • The restriction of only 10 Miis in the Inn at a time is still present in the Switch version despite the stable meaning there is now 11 places to put Miis.