Miitopia (island)

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This article is about the island from both Miitopia games, and should not be confused with the game by the same name it appears in.
Map of Miitopia showing multiple regions.

Miitopia is the name of an island located in the Miitopia universe and the setting of the game itself. It is composed of 12 distinct regions that are unlocked over the course of the game. Towards the middle of the game, an interactive map of Miitopia is unlocked so that players can quickly travel from one region to another.



  • Many of these regions' names are puns:
    • Greenhorne comes from the word "greenhorn," meaning "an inexperienced or naive person."[1] This comes from the fact that it is the starting region of the game.
    • Neksdor is pronounced "next door" because it is right next to Greenhorne.
    • Peculia comes from the word "peculiar" to demonstrate the strange nature of this region.
    • The Sky Scraper comes from skyscraper, referring to its height, and the fact that it's in the sky.