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Relationships between Party members.

Relationships are a mechanic in Miitopia. It can be raised through several methods, including events, using healing moves, assists, personality quirks, staying at the inn together, certain job skills, and Jolly Jaunts/Outings. The Horse can be bonded with as well. Relationships are used to unlock assists. A relationship increase is signified by a meter shaped like a heart appearing with the faces of the two Miis. If the meter fills up, the relationship level increases by one and the Miis enter a looping animation. If a new assist is learned, it is displayed here as well. Relationship levels increase from level 1 to level 99.


Certain events can raise resentment, which is signified by a blue icon appearing by a Mii. Resentment can be one-way or two-way and overrides all assists. Resentment can be removed by putting the Miis in a room together in the inn or by a random inn event exclusive to Miis that have resentment. The level of resentment is signified by a wavy meter that is maxed out when resentment is triggered and steadily decreases if the Miis are in the same room at the inn and completely empties if the inn event activates. Resentment causes in-battle effects similar to assists, but are mostly negative.

In-battle effects

Name Effect Image  
Angry The Mii with resentment becomes angry. MT Angry title.jpg
Distracted The Mii with resentment takes more damage from attacks. MT Distracted title.jpg
Interrupt The Mii with resentment attacks a monster before the Mii they resent can attack it. MT Interrupt title.jpg
Moody The Mii with resentment becomes moody. MT Moody title.jpg
Sulk Causes the Mii with resentment to deal less damage/heal less. MT Sulk title.jpg
Two Miis fight each other, dealing heavy damage to a single monster and minor damage to each other. Requires two-way resentment. MT Trouble title.jpg