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The Dark Lord appearing in the introduction to Miitopia.
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The darkness came without warning...A great and terrible shadow threatening all of Miitopia!
— First opening cutscene of Miitopia

The Dark Lord is the antagonist of the first half of Miitopia. He first appears in the game's opening as the evil being that stole all the Mii faces to create monsters. Halfway through the game, the player defeats him in battle, revealing him to be a regular Mii that was possessed by the Dark Curse. Before he became the Dark Lord, the Mii had once worked in an HP Banana factory. Tired of his regular routine, he found a cursed box that coaxed him into opening it in exchange for powers. After opening the box, the Dark Curse was able to possess the Mii and become the Dark Lord.

After the boss fight, the Ex-Dark Lord attempts to aid the party by making very weak attacks but also providing HP Bananas, hoping to atone for his previous actions.

Physical Appearance

The Dark Lord takes the form of a large floating being. His skin is light blue and his head consists metallic purple mutton chops that seem to merge with hair that juts back in a V-shape on the scalp of his head. His body is made of a large, purple, torn cloak with two large, gray tuffs that make up his collar. He has two large, purplish-blue hands with claw-like purple fingernails. On each wrist, he wears two gold bracelets. Most importantly of all, he wears a large golden necklace with triangle-shaped chains and a terrifying eye-shaped pendant. From this pendant is where the Dark Curse's power resides. The only thing that he keeps from the original Mii assigned to the role is the face.

As the Ex-Dark Lord, he will take on the rest of the traits of the assigned Mii and actually look like a human. The hat he wears is the same shape as the hairstyle from his previous form, and his shirt is similarly torn on the bottom as was his cloak before (however, he has a large white verticle stripe stitched in the front). He wears white pants and brown shoes.

Boss Fight

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in-battle screenshot
Dark Lord
MT Monster Dark Lord.jpg
A Dark Lord in the journal
Common drops Ultimate Delicacy ★ (Unknown%)
Uncommon drops Ultimate Delicacy ★★ (Unknown%)
Rare drops None
Similar entities Dark Curse, Darker Lord
Monster order
#90 #92
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Dark Lord Statistics
Image HP Attack Defense Magic Speed Gold EXP Locations
MT Monster Dark Lord.jpg
1800 88 30 24 15 Dark Lord's Castle


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Dark Lord Actions
Name Description Usage chance Hit rate
% %