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Inspires the party with boundless energy and the magic of song!
— Miitopia job description
MT Pop Star artwork.png
Artwork of a Pop Star Mii (Outfit variation)
MT Pop Star artwork 2.png
Artwork of a Pop Star Mii (Threads variation)

The Pop Star is a support-based job in Miitopia. It is one of the 6 starting jobs. Its basic attack is all-target. It has two variations that have different clothing available.


Pop Star stats in Miitopia  
Stat Minimum Maximum
HP 15 318
MP 6 104
Attack* 6 57
Defense* 4 73
Magic 4 103
Speed 6 60
All stats can be increased by 99 using Grub.
*can be increased with equipment


Pop Star skills in Miitopia  
Name Level learned MP cost In-game description Effect Image
Encore 2 2 Encourage a friend to give them an extra turn. Makes another party member act. MT Encore title.jpg
Earworm 3 4 Get enemies dancing to a catchy tune to distract them for one turn. Tries to distract all enemies MT Earworm title.jpg
Out of Tune 5 5 Hurt the enemy by singing badly. Your friends suffer a bit too. Hits all characters in battle, including allies. Doesn't raise resentment MT Out of Tune.jpg
Love & Peace 6 12 Spread the love and help a friend to let go of their quarrel. Ends resentment. Cannot affect the user. MT Love & Peace title.jpg
Love Song 8 4 Sing a touching ballad to temporarily deepen the party's bond with you. Raises the user's relationship with all members to the highest relationship level in the party. MT Love Song title.jpg
Cheer On 11 4 Lift the party's spirits and get some of their MP back. Restores MP to the whole party except the user. MT Cheer On title.jpg
Smooth Moves 16 1 Perform some slick dance moves and recover some HP with style. Heals the user. If an ally uses Lend a Hand on it, then that ally heals as well. MT Smooth Moves title.jpg
Way Out of Tune 21 15 Sing atrociously to hurt the enemy greatly and friends quite a bit too. A stronger Out of Tune. MT Way Out of Tune.jpg
Angelic Voice 27 15 Sing words that touch the soul and might bring back a fallen friend. Has a low chance to revive each KOed Mii. MT Angelic Voice title.jpg

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アイドル