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MT Scientist artwork.png
Artwork of a Scientist Mii
Applies the power of science and technology to aid you in battle.
— Miitopia description

The Scientist is a magic-based attack job in Miitopia with minor support aspects. It is one of the three jobs unlocked in Neksdor. Its basic attack is single target.


Scientist stats in Miitopia  
Stat Minimum Maximum
HP 10 208
MP 8 164
Attack* 8 71
Defense* 7 185
Magic* 5 67
Speed 11 108
All stats can be increased by 99 using Grub.
*can be increased with equipment


Scientist skills in Miitopia  
Name Level learned MP cost In-game description Effect Image
Glitch 2 5 Cause a critical error in one enemy's data, dealing damage. (magic) Single target magic attack MT Glitch title.jpg
Ignite 5 6 Add dubious chemicals to a friend's weapon to widen attack range. (auto) Causes the basic attack of a job that hits all enemies to hit the enemies on either side of the main target for one turn MT Ignite title.jpg
Unstable Formula 7 15 A deadly concoction that deals great damage to all enemies. (magic) All target magic attack MT Unstable Formula title.jpg
Safety Mask 11 8 Cover a teammate's face with a mask to prevent status ailments. (auto) Makes one Mii immune to a status effect MT Safety Mask title.jpg
Cure.exe 14 10 Restore a friend's HP and MP with scientific wizardry. (magic) Restores HP and MP to one party member MT Cure.exe title.jpg
Absorb 17 10 Restore a friends[sic] HP when they take damage. (auto) Causes an ally's basic attack to heal them for one turn based on the amount of damage done MT Absorb title.jpg
Volatile Formula 24 28 A deadly compound that hits all enemies when exposed to air. (magic) All target magic attack MT Volatile Formula title.jpg
Black Hole 30 40 Generate a mini black hole to deal great damage to all enemies. (magic) All target magic attack MT Black Hole title.jpg


  • The in-game description for Absorb contains an error: it says that it heals HP when the Mii takes damage instead of when they deal damage.