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Laid-back is a personality in Miitopia.

Personality quirks

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Laid-back quirks in Miitopia
Name Effect Activation chance Image  
Hide Hide behind a teammate. Raises resentment with the Mii being hid behind. 10% Hide2.png
Cadge Steals an HP Banana or MP Candy from a teammate. Does not activate for the hero. Raises resentment. 100% Needed.png
Nah... Makes the Mii not get a status effect. 50% Needed.png
Get Serious Deals double damage. 25% Get serious.png
Slack Off Uses half the MP of a skill, but also does half the damage/healing. 15% Slack off.png


  • This personality has the most quirks at 5, with the other personalities having 3 or 4 quirks.