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Bosses are enemies in Miitopia that are generally much stronger than the monsters before them and have full Mii faces. (The New Lumos district and Tower of Despair bosses mostly being exceptions to the second one.) The Roving Photographer will sometimes show up after a story boss battle and offer to sell the party a photograph of the battle.

List of bosses

Story bosses

List of story bosses  
Name Location Image
Mini (Sassy Child) Slime Greenhorne (Easin Hills) MT Monster Mini Sassy Child Slime.jpg
Butterfly (Carefree Guide) Greenhorne (Easin Hills) MT Monster Butterfly Carefree Guide.jpg
Rocky (Sarcastic Guy) Greenhorne (Easin Hills) MT Monster Rocky Sarcastic Guy.jpg
(Lovey-Dovey Woman) Mouse Greenhorne (Strange Grove) MT Monster Lovey-Dovey Woman Mouse.jpg
Imp (Cheery Granny) Greenhorne (Castle View) MT Monster Imp Cheery Granny.jpg
(King) Golem Greenhorne (Wayward Woods) MT Monster King Golem.jpg
General (Princess) Greenhorne (Nightmare Tower) MT Monster General Princess.jpg
Minotaur Neksdor (Underground Maze) MT Monster Minotaur.jpg
(Prickly Husband) Cobra Neksdor (North) MT Monster Prickly Husband Cobra.jpg
"(Desert Celebrity)" Neksdor (Underground Maze) MT Monster Desert Celebrity.jpg
"(Dancing Guide)" Neksdor (Great Pyramid) MT Monster Dancing Guide.jpg
(Shady Merchant Daughter) Blade and (Shady Merchant Father) Shield Neksdor (Great Pyramid) MT Monster Shady Merchant Daughter Blade.jpg
MT Monster Shady Merchant Father Shield.jpg
Pharaoh (Genie) Neksdor (Great Pyramid) MT Monster Pharaoh Genie.jpg
Arachno(Middle Fab Fairy) Realm of the Fey (Citrus Cave) MT Monster Arachno Middle Fab Fairy.jpg
Tomato Bros Realm of the Fey (West) MT Monster Tomato Bros.jpg
Butterfly (Scaredy-Cat) Realm of the Fey (Citrus Cave) MT Monster Butterfly Scaredy-Cat.jpg
(Mischievous Witch) Slime Realm of the Fey (East) MT Monster Mischievous Witch Slime.jpg
(Youngest Fab Fairy) Frog Realm of the Fey (Lotus Lake) MT Monster Youngest Fab Fairy Frog.jpg
[[Burning (Teammate) Golem ]] Karkaton Ascent MT Monster Burning Teammate Golem.jpg
Magma (Teammate) Slime Karkaton Ascent MT Monster Magma Teammate Slime.jpg
Paincloud (Teammate) Karkaton Ascent MT Monster Paincloud Teammate.jpg
Cerberus Karkaton Ascent MT Monster Cerberus.jpg
(Teammate) Demon Karkaton (Grand Hall) MT Monster Teammate Demon.jpg
Study of (Teammate) Karkaton (Grand Hall) MT Monster Study of Teammate.jpg
(Teammate) Armor Karkaton (Armory) MT Monster Teammate Armor.jpg
Dragon Karkaton (Inner Passage) MT Monster Dragon.jpg
Dark Lord Karkaton (Dark Lord's Throne) MT Monster Dark Lord.jpg
(Ex-Dark Lord), Phantom of Evil The Sky Scraper MT Monster Ex-Dark Lord Phantom of Evil.jpg
Strong (King) Golem The Sky Scraper MT Monster Strong King Golem.jpg
Gold General (Princess) The Sky Scraper MT Monster Gold General Princess.jpg
Pharaoh (Genie) II The Sky Scraper MT Monster Pharaoh Genie II.jpg
(Fab Fairy)pole The Sky Scraper MT Monster Fab Fairypole.jpg
Red (Youngest Fab Fairy) Frog The Sky Scraper MT Monster Red Youngest Fab Fairy Frog.jpg
(Great Sage)'s Left Hand Otherworld MT Monster Great Sages Left Hand.jpg
(Great Sage)'s Right Hand Otherworld MT Monster Great Sages Right Hand.jpg
(Great Sage), The Darkest Lord Otherworld MT Monster Great Sage The Darkest Lord.jpg
Replica Dark Lord Galados Isle MT Monster Replica Dark Lord.jpg

Quest bosses

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Some quest bosses are story bosses with modified stats. These have been omitted.

List of quest bosses  
Name Location Image

New Lumos/Tower of Dread bosses

List of New Lumos/Tower of Dread bosses  
Name Location Image
King Cow 1st district/floor MT Monster King Cow.jpg
Calc King 2nd district/floor MT Monster Calc King.jpg
Frog King 3rd district/floor MT Monster Frog King.jpg
Frog Queen 3rd district/floor MT Monster Frog Queen.jpg
Dragon Lord 4th district/floor MT Monster Dragon Lord.jpg
King of Hounds 5th district/floor MT Monster King of Hounds.jpg
Dark Queen 6th district/floor MT Monster Dark Queen.jpg
Dark King 6th district/floor MT Monster Dark King.jpg
Evil Sage 7th district/floor MT Monster Evil Sage.jpg
Dark Sun 8th district/floor Needed.png

Tower of Despair bosses

All bosses here only appear in the Tower of Despair in the Nintendo Switch version of Miitopia.

List of Tower of Despair bosses  
Name Location Image
Elite Goblin 1st floor MT Monster Elite Goblin.jpg
Heavy Golem 2nd floor MT Monster Heavy Golem.jpg
Neon Pharaoh 3rd floor MT Monster Neon Pharaoh.jpg
Colossal Serpent 4th floor MT Monster Colossal Serpent.jpg
Gourmet Burger 5th floor MT Monster Gourmet Burger.jpg
Red Fiend 6th floor MT Monster Red Fiend.jpg
Blue Goddess 6th floor MT Monster Blue Goddess.jpg
Light Lord 7th floor MT Monster Light Lord.jpg
Light Sage 7th floor MT Monster Light Sage.jpg
Boss Snurp 8th floor MT Monster Boss Snurp.jpg


  • Boss Monsters (With the exception of Tower of Dread/Despair monsters from floor 1-7) are the only types of bosses that cannot be instantly defeated by the Cleric, Imp or Chef.