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The pop-up that appears when viewing the party in the Inn.

The Party is the group of Miis accompanying the Hero. The first nine party members are recruited in the first three areas: Greenhorne, Neksdor, and Realm of the Fey. After these areas are left for the first time, the party members recruited in them are kidnapped by the Dark Lord and the Hero is forced to change Jobs. The kidnapped party members are then rescued as the Hero progresses through Karkaton. After all of them are rescued, no more party members can be recruited until the Darker Lord is beaten and the Villa unlocked, at which point up to 100 party members can be made and the player can say goodbye to any party member besides the Hero, deleting them. There can be 10 party members in the Inn, but only four can be taken into levels (not including the Horse).

Differences from the Hero

  • Party members attack automatically even if they are the "leader".
  • Party members cannot learn the Horse Whispering Horse assist.
  • Party members can be deleted while the Hero cannot.
  • Party members can get sick earlier than the Hero.
  • Party members are the only ones that can activate certain personality quirks and assists like Cadge and Charity.