New Lumos

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New Lumos is the twelfth and final area of Miitopia. It is a large city filled with monsters.

Sub areas

Main Area

The main area

The main area has no explorable levels and serves only as a hub.

The entrances to the districts

The 8 Districts

The inside of one of the districts.

There are 8 districts, each with their own layouts and bosses. The bosses can be refought daily.

Tower of Dread

The Tower of Dread is in New Lumos. It is a boss rush, fighting each of the district bosses in order without healing, sprinkle refreshing, or changing the party. It can only be accessed after defeating any district boss once and talking to the reborn Dark Curse.

Tower of Despair

The Tower of Despair is unlocked after clearing the Tower of Dread. The gameplay is the same as the Tower of Dread, but it has entirely new bosses not found anywhere else in the game. It is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version.

Map NPCs

The following NPCs appear on the map: