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in-game screenshots, horse whispering skills
A Cleric riding the Horse.

The Horse is a companion exclusive to the Nintendo Switch port of Miitopia. It is unlocked after rescuing it from some Goblins in the Easin Hills. Its appearance can be customized. It can be bonded with like other allies. It stays in the stable in the Inn. It will randomly choose to assist Miis in battle if they have unlocked Assists with it, replacing the standard attack for the player. CPUs will always use this if possible.

Customization options

Customization type Options Notes
Body Normal, Cute, Easygoing, Cool, Plump, and Shapely Normal is default
Mane Natural, Bob, Long, Mohawk, Bun, and Dreads Natural is default
Tail Soft, Straight, Cut, Feathered, Thick, Fluffy, and Braids Soft is default
Eyes Round, Almond, Lidded, Googly, Equine, and Crossed Round is default
Leg thickness Uses a sliding scale
Horns None, Unicorn, Drill, Stubby, Bircon, and Demon None is default
Color Body color, nose color, star color, leg color, mane, mane tip, tail, and tail tip The colors can be from the list of presets also used in Makeup and Wigs or selected from a color picker.
Saddle Regular, Extravagant, Plush, Checkered, Shiny, and Fluttery Regular is default. Not available when making it for the first time as part of the story.

Horse relationship skills

Name Relationship level In-game description Effect
Mounted Attack 2 Saddle up for an attack with added horsepower and likely more damage! Does one of three attacks: A Mii hitting an enemy with their weapon (weakest), the horse kicking an enemy (medium), or the Mii doing a slashing attack with their weapon (strongest, hits multiple enemies).
Saddle Up 3 Take the weight off with a horse ride. "Hop on, buddy! Don't be shy!" Sometimes causes a Mii to ride the horse in exploration
Snuggle Up 5 Snooze with a pal in the Safe Spot to boost the restorative effect. Randomly restores extra HP/MP while in the Safe Spot
Snort 7 A little snort with a big effect! Deal damage to all enemies. Does damage to all enemies. Has three levels: white smoke (weakest), red fire (medium), and blue fire (strongest).
Cheek Rub 9 What's wrong? Low MP? A little cheek rub makes all things better. Randomly restores MP at the start of a Mii's turn if they are low on MP
Saddle Up II 12 Two riders on one horse? Why not! Just hold on tight. Same as Saddle Up, but with two riders
Horse Whispering 15
Quite mighty. The effect depends on the job. Not for Autobattles!
Great effects, depending on the job. It doesn't work with Autobattle, mind.
An incredibly strong attack/support skill that varies by job and uses all of a Mii's MP. Can only be learned by the Hero. For more details, see the below section.
Neigh 20 Feeling weird? Just say neigh! Rally morale with a cheer from your horse. Randomly removes negative status effects at the start of a Mii's turn
Mounted Attack II 25 An even stronger mounted attack. Hold those reins nice and tight! Stronger Mounted Attack
Snuggle Up II 30 Increase the chance and effect by snuggling even closer. Stronger and more frequent Snuggle Up
Cheek Rub II 35 Increase the effect to restore more MP. Cheer up, horsey friend! Stronger Cheek Rub
Snort II 40 Supercharge your snort and deal even more damage! Stronger Snort
Neigh II 50 Increase the chances of restoring normality. More frequent Neigh
Mounted Attack III 60 The strongest calavry charge going. That's what I call teamwork! Strongest version of Mounted Attack
Snuggle Up III 70 Greatly increases the chance and effect by snuggling up even closer. Strongest and most frequent Snuggle Up
Cheek Rub III 80 Restore even more MP. Who's a good horsey?! YOU ARE! Strongest version of Cheek Rub
Snort III 90 Maximize your snortiness with this all-out nasal assault! Strongest version of Snort
Neigh 99 Greatly increase the chances of restoring normality. Most frequent version of Neigh

Horse Whispering skills

Job Effect Image  
Warrior Hits one enemy for a large amount of damage
Mage Hits all enemies at random 8 times. Each of the hits has a chance to miss.
Cleric Revives KOed allies and restores HP and MP.
Thief Hits all enemies and has a chance to steal Grub.
Pop Star Restores allies' HP and gives them the Hyper status effect. May distract enemies.
Chef Hits all enemies at random up to 5 times.
Cat Hits one enemy 6 times.
Imp Hits all enemies, but the user takes recoil damage.
Scientist Hits the main target and the targets adjacent to it, with the main target taking more damage.
Tank Hits all enemies at random 7 times.
Princess Restores allies' MP and gives them the good mood status effect. May make enemies calm.
Flower Heals all allies' HP and gives them the good mood status effect.
Vampire Hits all enemies 3 times each.
Elf Hits the main target and the targets adjacent to it, with the main target taking more damage.