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The cast is where Miis are assigned to the NPCs in Miitopia. Each part of the cast is chosen at a specific time in the story, but all of them (except the Dark Curse, who can only be changed by refighting the Darker Lord) can be changed later through the Journal.

List of cast members

Cast group/person Includes Assigned at Image  
Greenhorne Town residents Carefree Guide, Cheery Granny, Sassy Child, Worried Mother, Lovey-Dovey Couple (male and female), Sarcastic Guy, and Dubious Mayor When running into Greenhorne Town in the introduction to the game MT Cast Greenhorne.jpg
Dark Lord
After the Greenhorne residents notice him MT Cast Dark Lord.jpg
Traveling NPCs Prodigious Postman, Roving Photographer, Roaming Gourmet, Nintendo Fan, and Quizmaster After leaving Greenhorne for the first time
MT Cast Prodigious Postman.jpgMT Cast Roving Photographer.jpg
MT Cast Roaming Gourmet.jpg
MT Cast Nintendo Fan.jpgMT Cast Quizmaster.jpg
Great Sage
When they interrupt the Dark Lord in a cutscene MT Cast Great Sage.jpg
Castle Guard Serious Soldier, Lax Soldier, and Royal Support (left and right) Upon leaving Greenhorne for the first time MT Cast Castle Guard.jpg
Royal Court King, Princess, Prince from a Nearby Land, Besmirched Noble's Son Upon entering Greenhorne Castle for the first time [needs verification] MT Cast Royal Court.jpg
Genie of the Lamp
When the Prince of a Nearby Land frees him MT Cast Genie of the Lamp.jpg
Neksdor Town residents Dancing Guide, Rambling Old Man, Shady Merchant Family (father and daughter), Worried Explorer, Prickly Couple (husband and wife), and Desert Celebrity Upon entering Neksdor Town for the first tome MT Cast Neksdor Town.jpg
Elven Retreat residents Injured Elf, Fab Fairies Fans (1, 2, and 3), Scaredy-Cat, Green-Eyed Lady, Lazybones, and Mischievous Witch Upon entering the Elven Retreat for the first time MT Cast Elven Retreat.jpg
Fab Fairies Eldest Fab Fairy, Middle Fab Fairy, and Youngest Fab Fairy Upon entering the Elven Retreat for the first time MT Cast Fab Fairies.jpg
Miis at the Travelers' Hub Town Guide, various travelers Upon entering the Traveler's Hub for the first time (all but the Town Guide automatically change daily) MT Cast Travelers Hub.jpg
Dark Curse's human form
After beating the Darker Lord MT Cast Dark Curse.jpg
Scholarly Pioneer
Upon reaching Galados Isle MT Cast Scholarly Pioneer.jpg