Genie of the Lamp

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The Genie of the Lamp in the Cast screen.
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Used to cause no end of trouble until the Great Sage sealed him in a lamp.
— In-game description

The Genie of the Lamp is a major NPC in Miitopia. Prior to the events of the game, they were a troublemaker who was sealed away by the Great Sage. They are freed by the Prince from a Nearby Land after promising him a wish, then says they were kidding and steals the Desert Celebrity's gold. The Great Sage tells the hero that they can be resealed by saying their name and holding the lamp, and the party goes to the Underground Maze to do that. As the hero is resealing him, he promises to change his ways, then returns the gold. Their face is then stolen and put on the Pharaoh (Genie). They then destroys a rock slide that was blocking the path to the east side of Neksdor and goes to work for the Desert Celebrity.