Pharaoh (Genie)

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Pharaoh (Genie)
MT Monster Pharaoh Genie.jpg
A Pharaoh (Genie) in the journal.
Rare drops Dynastic Soup ★★ (100%)
Similar entities Pharaoh (Genie) II
Glamorous Pharaoh
Neon Pharaoh
Monster order
#48 #50
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Pharaoh (Genie) is a boss monster in Miitopia. It is a floating head resembling masks put on Egyptian mummies' burial masks (in particular King Tut's mask). It holds a full Mii face.


Pharaoh (Genie) Statistics
Image HP Attack Defense Magic Speed Gold EXP Locations
MT Monster Pharaoh Genie.jpg
700 56 35 0 13 0 500 Great Pyramid


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Pharaoh (Genie) Actions
Name Description Usage chance Hit rate
Wide Attack Attacks a party member and the Miis adjacent to it 100%
Curse Gives a party member the Cursed status effect 100%
One more time! Moves twice in one turn Once per turn (100%) 100%