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The Quizmaster in Neksdor.
An oddball who foists quizzes on unsuspecting adventurers.
— In-game description

The Quizmaster is a traveling NPC in Miitopia. They appear in set locations on the map (and randomly in temporary dungeons) and challenge the hero to quizzes. They can also appear in the Travelers' Hub, and accepting their quest will open a temporary dungeon where the Quizmaster is the only map feature.

List of quizzes

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Name Image Description Removes
Curtain Conundrum Needed.png The player has to identify a Mii running, but an increasing percentage of the screen is covered by a curtain.
Needed.png The player has to identify which Mii is the real Mii out of a lineup of four Miis where three of them have one feature changed.
Silhouette Shenanigans Needed.png The player has to identify a Mii from a silhouette.
Quiz Remix Needed.png Randomly chosen from any of the other quiz types. Only and always appears at the end of Quizmaster Travelers' Hub quests. Depends on the individual quiz


  • It is possible to pause the Quizmaster's quizzes like the rest of the game even though this makes the timer obsolete.