Tower of Despair

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The Tower of Despair is a location exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version of Miitopia. It is a large black tower in New Lumos with rings and a broken orb on top. It appears after defeating the Tower of Dread. It is a harder version of the Tower of Dread, featuring battles against new bosses in succession without refilling HP, MP, HP Bananas, MP Candies, or Sprinkles. Each battle is inside the tower, except for the Boss Snurp battle, which takes place on the roof. The battles are, in order:

  1. Elite Goblin x6
  2. Heavy Golem
  3. Neon Pharaoh x3
  4. Colossal Serpent
  5. Gourmet Burger x4
  6. Blue Goddess x2 and Red Fiend
  7. Light Lord and Light Sage
  8. Boss Snurp