Colossal Serpent

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Colossal Serpent
MT Monster Colossal Serpent.jpg
A Colossal Serpent in the journal.
Rare drops Snake Meunière ★★ (100%)
Similar entities Orochi
(Traveler) & Orochi
Red Orochi
Monster order
#254 #256
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The Colossal Serpent is a boss monster in the Nintendo Switch version of Miitopia. It is a floating serpentine creature with yellow horns and whose body color starts magenta at their head and continues in a gradient, ending in blue at their tail. They hold a scratched green orb in their two claws. Its body (but not the orb) is gridded with several black squares. The main body holds a pair of Mii eyes and the orb holds a Mii nose and mouth.


Colossal Serpent Statistics
Image HP Attack Defense Magic Speed Gold EXP Locations
MT Monster Colossal Serpent.jpg
4300 242 94 140 70 0 10000 Tower of Despair


Colossal Serpent Actions
Name Description Usage chance Hit rate
Attack A basic attack. 50% 100%
Magic All Attacks the entire party with magic. 50% 100%
One more time! Moves 3 times in one turn Two times per turn (100%) 100%


  • The Colossal Serpent is the only Tower of Despair boss to hold a Mii mouth.