(Lovey-Dovey Woman) Mouse

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(Lovey-Dovey Woman) Mouse
MT Monster Lovey-Dovey Woman Mouse.jpg
A (Lovey-Dovey Woman) Mouse in the journal.
Uncommon drops Mouse Treat ★ (80%)
Rare drops Mouse Treat ★★ (20%)
Similar entities Mouse
Wild Mouse
(Traveler) Mouse
Monster order
#007 #009
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(Lovey-Dovey Woman) Mouse is a Boss Monster in Miitopia. It is found in the Strange Grove. It is a golden mouse with a long tail that ends in a ball. It contains an entire Mii face.


(Lovey-Dovey Woman) Mouse Statistics
Image HP Attack Defense Magic Speed Gold EXP Locations
MT Monster Lovey-Dovey Woman Mouse.jpg
40 18 7 0 6 0 10 Strange Grove (story quest)


(Lovey-Dovey Woman) Mouse Actions
Name Description Usage chance Hit rate
Wide Attack Attacks a random party member and hits the adjacent party members with area of effect. 100% 100%
One More Time! Moves again Once per turn (100%) 100%