Calc King

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Calc King
MT Monster Calc King.jpg
A Calc King in the journal.
Rare drops Pixel Grub ★★ (100%)
Similar entities (Traveler)puter
Retroputer II
Monster order
#240 #242
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The Calc King is a boss monster in Miitopia. It is a floating screen with black trapezoidal panels on each edge and light blue accents. It holds a pair of Mii eyes and a Mii mouth.


Calc King Statistics
Image HP Attack Defense Magic Speed Gold EXP Locations
MT Monster Calc King.jpg
4500 165 90 55 100 0 5000 2nd District
Tower of Dread


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Usage chance for Summon and the basic attack
Calc King Actions
Name Description Usage chance Hit rate
Summon Summons up to two Ultimate Robot Warriors 100%
Attack A basic attack. 100%
Magic All Attacks the entire party with magic. 40% 100%