Ultimate Robot Warrior

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Ultimate Robot Warrior
MT Monster Ultimate Robot Warrior.jpg
A Ultimate Robot Warrior in the journal.
Rare drops Robojuice ★★ (100%)
Similar entities Robo-(Traveler)
Aging Robot
Brand-New Robot
Ancient Robot
Monster order
#241 #243
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Ultimate Robot Warriors are monsters in Miitopia. They are robots consisting of a central part that holds a single Mii eye that connects to a single wheel used for motion, two arms used for attacks, and three back parts that resemble the arms. Except for the white central part, they are colored entirely black with light blue accents.


Ultimate Robot Warrior Statistics
Image HP Attack Defense Magic Speed Gold EXP Locations
MT Monster Ultimate Robot Warrior.jpg
600 140 74 100 60 0 1200 Summoned by Calc King


Ultimate Robot Warrior Actions
Name Description Usage chance Hit rate
Wave Cannon Two-action attack. Targets two party members on the first action and fires at them on the second. 34% 100%
Attack A basic attack. 66% 100%
One more time! Moves twice in one turn One time per turn (100%) 100%