Red (Youngest Fab Fairy) Frog

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Red (Youngest Fab Fairy) Frog
MT Monster Red Youngest Fab Fairy Frog.jpg
A Red (Youngest Fab Fairy) Frog in the journal.
Common drops Frog Juice (33%)
Uncommon drops Frog Juice ★ (33%)
Rare drops Frog Juice ★★ (34%)
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(Traveler's Friend) Frog
Frog King
Frog Queen
Monster order
#144 #146
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The Red (Youngest Fab Fairy) Frog is a boss monster in Miitopia. It is a large pink frog with three green hairs coming out of its head, a tail, and a white belly that holds a full Mii face.


Red (Youngest Fab Fairy) Frog Statistics
Image HP Attack Defense Magic Speed Gold EXP Locations
MT Monster Red Youngest Fab Fairy Frog.jpg
1000 120 50 52 23 0 2000 The Sky Scraper


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Usage chance for Wide Shot and if they have a basic attack
Red (Youngest Fab Fairy) Frog Actions
Name Description Usage chance Hit rate
Wide Shot Attacks a party member and the Miis adjacent to them. 100%
Bad Breath Takes 3 actions to fully execute. Charges on the first and second actions, and releases an all-target attack on the third. 50% 100%
One more time! Moves twice in one turn One time per turn (100%) 100%