Study of (Teammate)

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Study of (Teammate)
MT Monster Study of Teammate.jpg
A Study of (Teammate) in the journal.
Uncommon drops Art Cookie ★ (80%)
Rare drops Art Cookie ★★ (20%)
Similar entities "(Desert Celebrity)"
"(Dancing Guide)"
"Noble Lady"
"(Traveler's Friend)"
Monster order
#82 #84
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Study of (Teammate) is a boss monster in Miitopia. It is a painting of the Dark Lord with the face replaced by the Mii attached to it, which is freed upon defeat.


Study of (Teammate) Statistics
Image HP Attack Defense Magic Speed Gold EXP Locations
MT Monster Study of Teammate.jpg
700 58 28 14 20 0 900 Dark Lord's Castle


Study of (Teammate) Actions
Name Description Usage chance Hit rate
Gaze A Mii using a direct attack may instead look closely at the painting, giving the painting an opening to attack out of turn 30% 100%
Attack A basic attack. 70% 100%
Magic All Attacks the entire party with magic. 30% 100%
One more time! Moves twice in one turn Once per turn (100%) 100%


  • This is the only painting-based monster to not have its name surrounded in quotes.