(Great Sage), The Darkest Lord

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(Great Sage), The Darkest Lord
MT Monster Great Sage The Darkest Lord.jpg
A (Great Sage), The Darkest Lord in the journal.
Rare drops Ultimate Delicacy ★★ (100%)
Similar entities (Great Sage)'s Left Hand
(Great Sage)'s Right Hand
Monster order
#154 #156
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(Great Sage), The Darkest Lord is the final boss of the main story of Miitopia. They are found in the Otherworld. They are the final form of the Darker Lord after absorbing faces. They are a golden floating ring inside a hollow spiked golden ring. They have golden circles with Mii parts on them orbiting them. Their disembodied left and right hands are fought as separate entities.


(Great Sage), The Darkest Lord Statistics
Image HP Attack Defense Magic Speed Gold EXP Locations
MT Monster Great Sage The Darkest Lord.jpg
2500 135 40 42 12 0 0 Otherworld


(Great Sage), The Darkest Lord Actions
Name Description Usage chance Hit rate
Big explosion Sets all active Miis to 1 HP 100% (always and only [needs verification] used at start of phase 2) 100%
Nightmare Gives a Mii the Nightmare status effect 30% 100%
Magic All Attacks all Miis with magic 30% 100%
Attack Attacks a Mii 40% 100%

They can also move twice in one turn with the "One More Time!" skill