(Great Sage)'s Right Hand

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(Great Sage)'s Right Hand
MT Monster Great Sages Right Hand.jpg
A (Great Sage)'s Right Hand in the journal.
Common drops Devil's Food Cake (45%)
Uncommon drops Devil's Food Cake ★ (5%)
Similar entities (Great Sage)'s Left Hand
(Great Sage), The Darkest Lord
Monster order
#152 #154
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(Great Sage)'s Left Hand is a boss monster in Miitopia. It is found in the Otherworld as part of the greater Darkest Lord battle. It is a disembodided realisticly-styled blue hand that starts at a golden wrist cuff. It holds a golden staff with a spiked ring on the tip.


(Great Sage)'s Right Hand Statistics
Image HP Attack Defense Magic Speed Gold EXP Locations
MT Monster Great Sages Right Hand.jpg
1300 75 33 30 12 0 0 Otherworld


(Great Sage)'s Right Hand Actions
Name Description Usage chance Hit rate
Magic Attacks a Mii with magic 30% 100%
Flame pillar Locks on to two [needs verification] Miis. On the next turn this is used, unleashes a pillar of flame from the reticles. 40% 100%
Magic All Attacks all Miis 30% 100%
One More Time! Moves twice in one turn Once per turn (100%) 100%