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Talk pages are pages on the wiki used for communicating with other users about the wiki. They are not social spaces, for those, see MiiWiki:Social media. Keep in mind that you should never edit other people's messages unless it contains a link to something that doesn't exist.

Talk page usage


To access a talk page, click the discussion tab at the top of an article. To continue an existing discussion, click the edit button next to the conversation header. To start an existing discussion, click the + button at the top next to the edit button. New messages in an existing topic should be after all previous messages, with one more colon at the beginning (:) than the message immediately prior. (If a conversation is getting particularly long, the colons may be reset to zero.) Messages should be signed using ~~~~. (If you would like to change the formatting that this code applies, see Help:Custom signatures.)


Messages in talk pages do not need to follow standard wiki writing guidelines, instead writing as you would speak to another person. However, adult language such as profanity should be avoided unless it directly relates to the subject being discussed. In addition, be sure to respect other users.

Messages concerning other users

For messages concerning other users rather than pages, see their user talk pages. Like discussion page for normal articles, these are located under the discussion tab of their userpage (linked to in edit histories and ideally their signatures).

Non-talk page discussions

Major discussions that concern the wiki should be held on talk pages so that all users can participate. For less major discussions and all discussions not related to the wiki as a resource, see MiiWiki:Social media.