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Welcome to my userpage, the unknown reader. Yoshi!

I'm PinkYoshiFan, known as PYF on some things. I came here from WiKirby. I've made 3,588 edits here. I also made a (mostly functional) dark mode.


Mii games I own  
Game Completion (Blank means I don't remember if it has completion or not or know that it doesn't) Notes
MT Switch Cover artwork.jpg Every level clear with gold flags including both towers. 75% of medals. My access code is 799BL90. Main party is high-40s or 50 in level.
WS boxart.jpg Is there anyone that has a Wii but not this game?
Nintendo Switch Sports online play test I may never uninstall this if Mario 35 is any indication.
Wii Party U
Wii Play
SMP logo.png Requires actually using StreetPass


  • I joined here on 8\18\2021 (8\1\2021 counting the draft Miraheze wiki)
  • I became a moderator here 10\3\2021
  • I reached 1,000 edits here 2\10\2022
  • I became an administrator here 3\30\2022